Lectures in international conferences


2019 Chemistry at the Interface of Biology and Medicine, September 21-26, Patras, Greece (I)
2019 International Conference “Catalysis and Organic Synthesis, September 15-20, Moscow, Russia (I)
2019 IUPAC Meeting, July 5-12, Paris, France (I)
2019 The 19th Bristol Synthesis Meeting, April 9th, Bristol, UK (P)
2019 84th Israel Chemical Society Meeting, February 12-13th, Tel Aviv, Israel (I)
2018 3rd International Symposium on organic Chemistry and Green Process, November 7-10, Guangzhou, China (I)
2018 The 10th Asian-European Symposium on Metal-Mediated Efficient Organic Synthesis, September 27th-30. National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan (I)
2018 IntelliSyn Name Lectureship, May 23rd, University of Montreal, Canada (P)
2018 Carla Symposium, February 18-22, Heidelberg, Germany (P)
2017 18th Tetrahedron Symposium, July 24-26, Melbourne, Australia (P)
2017 46th World Chemistry Congress, July 7-13, Sao Paulo, Brazil (K)
2017 XXXVI Biennal Meeting Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, June 25-29th, Sietges, Spain (K)
2017 Ecole de Catalyse, Charm3at, April 2-5, Cabourg, France (P)
2017 The 9th Angewandte Symposium, The Chemistry for our Future, February 15th, Tel Aviv, Israel (P)
2016 21st International Conference on organic Synthesis, , December 11-16, Mumbai, India (I)
2016 Novel Methods in Organic Synthesis, November 28, Milan, Italy (P)
2016 The 20th Thieme Lecture, October 14th, Stuttgart, Germany (P)
2016 International Conference on Nature Inspired Initiatives in Chemical Trends, September 19-20, Hyderabad, India (I)
2016 20th OrgChem Symposium, September 5-7, Weimar, Germany (P).
2016 11th International Symposium on carbanion Chemistry, 17-21 July, Rouen, France (P)
2015 Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistry honoring Prof. Harry Gray’s 80th Birthday, December 1st-3rd, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel (I)
2015 The Inter-Academy Symposium of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina, November 9-10th, Jerusalem, Israel (I)
2015 Symposium of Organometallic Chemistry in Synthesis honoring the 65th birthday of Gerard Cahiez, October 22, ENSCP, Paris, France (P)
2015 19th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, 12-16th July, Lisbon, Portugal (P)
2015 Swiss Summer School in reaction Design and Synthesis, August 30-September 3, Villars Sur Ollon, Switzerland (P)
2015 9th Paul Walden Symposium, May 21-22, Riga, Latvia (P)
2015 22th Grasmere Heterocyclic Symposium, May 7th-11th, Grasmere, UK (P)
2015 Symposium of the Lise Meitner – Minerva Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry, May 5rd, Tel Aviv, Israel (I)
2014 Max Malacria’s Symposium honoring his 65th birthday, October 10th, Paris, France (P)
2014 1st-Sino-Israel Bilateral Workshop & International Symposium on organometallic and Heterogeneous Catalysis, September 7-9, Beijing, China (I).
2014 8th Balticum Organicum Syntheticum, July 6-9, Vilnius, Lithuania (P)
2014 The 12th Annual Meeting of the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society, June 23-24, Weizmann Institute, Israel (K)
2014 Symposium of Organic Chemistry, June 21st, Geneva, Switzerland (P)
2014 Chemistry, Crossway toward Interdisciplinary Science, June 3-4th, Namur, Belgium (P)
2014 Eli Lilly Lecture, April 8, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA (P)
2014 The 247th ACS National Meeting, March 16-20, Dallas, USA (P)
2013 IRGT Munster-Nagoya Meeting, November 8th, Munster, Germany (P)
2013 The Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Physical Sciences, June 9th, Tel Aviv University, Israel (P)
2013 23rd French-Japanese Symposium in Organic Synthesis, May 13-15, Nagasaki, Japan (P)
2012 Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale su Metodologie e Processi Innovativi di Sintesi, December 3rd, Milan, Italy (P)
2012 Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry, September 22-26, Ischia, Napoli, Italy (P)
2012 13th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium, July 16-20, Leuven, Belgium, (P)
2012 Grignard; 100 ans de Modernite d’un Prix Nobel June 21-22, Lyon, France (P)
2012 RSC Organic Chemistry Midlands Section Meetings, April 13th, Warwick, UK (P)
2012 Israel-German Project Cooperation Meeting, February 24th, Munich, Germany (P)
2012 77th Israel Chemical Society Meeting, February 7th-8th, Tel Aviv, Israel (K)
2012 Heterocycles and Synthesis Meeting, January 6th, London, UK (P)
2011 Israel-Italy Conference on Frontiers in Organic Synthesis, December 13-14th, Tel Aviv, Israel (I)
2011 Organic Chemistry Symposium Honoring Prof. Benzion Fuchs, October 24th, Tel Aviv, Israel (P)
2011 The 13th European Symposium in Organic Reactivity, September 11-16th, Tartu, Estonia (P)
2011 8th International School of Organometallic Chemistry, August 27-31, Camerino, Italy (P)
2011 Gordon Conference on Natural Products Synthesis, July 24-29, Rhode Island, USA (P)
2011 Graduate Student Lectureship, July 16, Crete University, Greece (P)
2011 Eli Lilly Symposium, April, Madrid, Spain (P)
2011 International Conference on Emerging Areas of Chemistry, January 12-14, Tripura, India (P)
2010 2nd National Graduate Student Symposium in Organic Chemistry, October 5th, Ben Gurion University, Israel (P)
2010  Journee de la Societe Chimique de France, September 21-23th, Palaiseau, France (P)
2010 9th International Symposium on Carbanion Chemistry, July 20-24th, Florence, Italy (P)
2010 12th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium, July 11-16, Namur, Belgium (P)
2010 Sanofi-Aventis-Ecole Polytechnique Symposium, June 11th, Palaiseau, France (P)
2010 Winter Organic Synthesis Symposium, January 4th, Bern, Switzerland (P)


2009 Journee de Chimie Organometallique, December 18, Rouen, France (P)
2009 3rd Hellenic Symposium on Organic Chemistry, October 15-17th, Athens, Greece (P)
2009 29th Regio-Symposium, September 23-25, Rheinfelden, Germany (P)
2009 ICHAC-9, June 30-July 4, Oviedo, Spain (I)
2009 Rencontre Chimie Organique, April 7, Paris, France (P)
2009 Pfizer Meeting, March 26-27, Irvine, USA (P)
2009 ACS Meeting March 22-25, Salt-Lake City, USA (P)
2009 74th Israel Chemical Society, February 8th, Tel Aviv, Israel (I)
2008 Lise Meitner-Minerva meeting, November 12-13, Jerusalem, Israel (I)
2008 DIP Meeting, November 4, Max-Planck Institute, Mulheim, Germany (I)
2008 2nd EUCHEM, September 16-18, Torino, Italy (I)
2008 GECO 49, August 24-29, Domaine de Seillac, France (P)
2008 23nd International Symposium on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur, June 29-July 4, Moscow, Russia (P)
2007 2nd International Conference on Development of New Synthetic Methods and Creation of Functions, August, 7th, 2007 Kyoto, Japan (P)
2007 Tel Aviv Symposium in Organic Chemistry honoring the Sackler Prize in Chemistry, May 14, Tel Aviv, Israel (P)
2007 Organic Chemistry, Present and Future, April, 10-13, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium (P)
2007 233nd ACS National Meeting, March 25-29, Chicago, USA (I)
2007 72th Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society February 6-7, Tel Aviv, Israel (P)
2006 Minerva Meeting on Advances and Trends in Organic Synthesis, December 9-12, Weizmann Institute, Israel (P)
2006 41st EUCHEM Conference on Stereochemistry, April 22-28, Burgenstock, Switzerland (P)
2005 XIth NOST Symposium, 25-29th October, Goa, India (P)
2004 14th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, July 4-8, Helsinki, Finland (I)
2004 Symposium in honor of Prof. Bachi, May 23, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (P)
2004 Half a Century of Organozirconium Chemistry, ACS National meeting, March 28-April 1, Anaheim, USA (I)
2004 69th Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society, February 2-3, Tel Aviv, Israel (I)
2003 12th IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed towards Organic Synthesis, July 6-10, Toronto, Canada (P)
2002 67th Israel Chemical Society, January, Jerusalem, Israel (I)
2001 6th International Symposium on Carbanion Chemistry, 28 July-August 1, Marburg, Germany (I)
2000 1st Meeting of Organic Chemistry in Marseille, (Reactivity and Catalysis in Organic Chemistry), May 11-12, Marseille, France (P)
2000 65th Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society, February 8-9, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (I)


1999 64th Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society, March 16-17, Bar-Ilan University, Israel (I)
1998 Concoord-Gecom, May 24-29, Noirmoutier, France (P)
1998 60 years of Wolf Prizes, May 11- 12 May, Jerusalem, Israel (I)
1997 6th IUPAC Congress, August 17 to 22, Geneva, Switzerland 1997 (I)
1995 Young Organic Chemists-Workshop on Selective Synthesis, September 16 to 19, Budapest, Hungary (I)
1995 1st European Chemical Society Symposium, August 12 to 17, Louvain La Neuve, Belgium (P)